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Guides by Model: Triumph Vitesse

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Browsing online for classic cars for sale? One of the most popular models available on the market is the Triumph Vitesse, an iconic vehicle produced by the manufacturer between 1962 and 1971.

To learn more about Triumph cars and the history of the Triumph Vitesse, read the guide below.

Triumph Vitesse Classic Cars: The Essential Guide

1. This compact six cylinder car dominated the Sixties and captured the essence of the era perfectly. Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, one of the most acclaimed sports car designers of the age, the Vitesse was produced on the market in both saloon and convertible models.

2. The Triumph Vitesse was unveiled to the world in May 1962, reusing the name of some Triumph cars produced in the pre-war period. These Triumph cars took much of their inspiration from the earlier Triumph Herald, and the minor changes and modifications made from that particular model helped the Vitesse to capture the attention of buyers during this period.

3. Effectively a sports saloon based on the original Herald design, Michelotti transferred many of the most successful features of the Herald onto his design for the Triumph Vitesse. The car uses all the same body parts as the Herald, but has a different front end with a slanted four headlight design.

4. If you’re considering Triumph cars for sale, it’s worth bearing in mind that after a year on the market, the Triumph Vitesse received a major facelift, so on some models you can find a revised dashboard and wooden door cappings, as well as improved carburettors. Top speed was also increased on later models.

5. Towards the end of the 1960’s, the final model of the Triumph Vitesse was released, the Vitesse Mark II, which was seen as the final update in this phenomenally successful series. Fitted with a completely redesigned layout, this was seen as a rebuff to some press criticism of previous Triumph cars.